Jun 9, 2017

It's YOUR Turn!


Edited: Jun 23, 2017

Ok, we want to see your selfies! Tell us what you are Resilient for and talk about it!

Let's empower one another! Let's build each other up! We each have a story, a unique perspective. So, let's honour that!

Take a selfie or have a friend take your photo. Write on whatever material you like!

Post it on Social Media, share it, tweet it, blog about it.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #iAmResilience and don't forget to tag us!


The Goal:

...to bring our World together, little by little, on a community level everywhere and anywhere!


What's the "call-to-action?"


We often forget that each person is an Individual. We often forget that we each have the same important elements that keep us alive (a heart, veins that carry blood, a brain that allows us to think, move, eat, to just simply be!). In forgetting, we lower our standards of respect for one another. In lowering our standards, we let go of our sense of control. And in doing that? We easily and comfortably turn to violence. We end up hurting one another more than we realize, and sometimes we end up doing so on purpose.


SO! The call-to-action is to simply R E S P E C T one another through sharing our stories and remembering that each of us matters. It doesn't cost money, you're not required to give anything up other than our decensitized thinking. Let's Come Together. We Can Do This!


What are YOU resilient for? #iAmResilience

New Posts
  • RIA
    Oct 25, 2017

    Checking in from fashion capital Milan, Italy, Canadian Fashion Icon Christopher Bates knows the meaning of "never give up!" What are YOU Resilient for? #iAmResilience
  • RIA
    Oct 23, 2017

    When it comes to Violence Against Women, the BC Lions, of the Canadian Football League (CFL), make sure to take a firm stand. When speaking with Jamie Taras, Director of Community Relations for the BC Lions, he pointed out that even in the locker room the players are always keeping one another in check. Setting the standard for a sport that is littered with stories of scandal and abuse in our papers, the BC Lions have a program with the Ending Violence Association of BC (EVABC) called Be More Than A Bystander . As we watch the social media movement of #METOO unravel the staggering number of women to who have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, a lot of us are posing the question of "what next?" The Be More Than A Bystander program aimes to "break the silence surrounding violence against women and girls by providing tools, language and practical ideas about how to be more than a bystander, how to speak up and how to communicate that violence and abuse are not acceptable." We need for men to stand up and speak up in the workplace environment, at school, university, amongst friends, and at home. Employers need to set strict standards that pay more attention to a woman reporting sexual harassment at work. And vice versa, though the female demographic is at a higher risk we do recognize that men too are subject to being victims. United we must stand and strive to RESPECT one another. Checking in after practice, Travis Lulay and Marco Iannuzzi participate in our #iAmResilience Campaign, standing up for Respect, Human Equality, and Violence Against Women and Anyone! We are all in this TOGETHER. Be sure to check out their program Be More Than A Bystander ! What are YOU resilient for? #iAmResilience
  • RIA
    Jul 14, 2017

    Life gets busy, and for some? Life gets extremely busy! For actor, poet, restaurant owner, father, and husband Greg Bryk, life can sometimes catch him in a whirlwind of adventure and work. Though continuously occupied, that doesn't stop Greg from living his life with sincerity, truth, and respect. Whilst on the set of Robbie and Stephen Amell's film CODE 8 , Greg took a moment to participate in our campaign and write us the following: "As a son, a husband and the father of a beautiful daughter, the issue of stopping violence towards women is close to my heart. As the father of two sons I also realize that boys need to be taught how to be strong and balanced men. We must teach and protect. As adults, we must lead the way." What are YOU Resilient for? #iAmResilience