Jun 9, 2017

Tell Us Your Story...


Edited: Jun 23, 2017

We know you may feel vulnerable. We know you may dig up old, hurt feelings. But we promise that we only want to hear from you in order that we can help you Rise Up.

And who knows!

You just might tell a story that someone else really needs to hear. You may tell a story that will have an impact upon someone who has gone through the same battle. You just might empower someone and show another that it's ok, that they too can overcome, just as you have.


Or maybe you are going through a difficult, dark moment. Maybe you are the one who needs comfort, validation, someone to simply tell you that everything will be ok. Don't worry, we'll be right here by your side. And we promise, everything will be ok.


So share with us. Breathe in. Breathe out. You've got this.



New Posts
  • Kimberly Buckley
    Oct 25, 2017

    This is a very difficult picture for me to post, but it is important for me to speak out. This is the result of the final act of physical assault my husband inflicted on me. It was done because I didn’t fill up his teapot. This occurred with the children in the car crying and screaming at him to stop as we sped down the highway with him behind the wheel. This is about five days following the incident, so it had started to heal. I never knew to take pictures of my wounds. Even after calling the police a friend had to instruct me to do this. Why don’t women leave? For me it was because I didn’t know to call it abuse. I lived in constant fear and thought it was all my fault. If I could just do more, work harder, stop being so stupid and worthless I could fix my marriage. I believed I deserved it and it was my fault. This photo may seem shocking, but perhaps more shocking is that this is not the abuse that damaged me the most. I would rather have been beaten over all the other forms of emotional, mental, sexual and financial abuse I endured on a constant basis. This was easy to handle. Usually the beating was the end of an attack. It meant peace. I could go away from him and the bruises would heal and disappear. Abuse is such a complex issue. It is personal to each of use that suffer through it and yet we are a sisterhood that understands each other without the need for explanation. It is sick. It is cruel. It is without comprehension. It needs to end.
  • RIA
    Aug 29, 2017

    A one minute short created on July 14, 2017. By Audrey Bow and Elishia Perosa Music Composed by Elishia Perosa "The Last Scream" depicts the struggle of the victimized woman in a situation of domestic violence. She is fragile, she is gentle, she is happy and alive, she is she. But behind closed doors, once comfortability sets in, she is broken down, belittled, abused, and battered. She is taken advantage of, she is manipulated, she is called a liar, a wh*re, a useless waste of space. She is beaten. She becomes lost in confusion of what she once knew and what is now being falsely projected upon her. She falls spiralling down into a deep, dark abyss of fear, doubts, insecurity, and tears. What should she do? Who can she turn to? She struggles with finding a desire and reason to live. And just as she chooses to face the world no more...inhale. The Last Scream he caused her to have. The Last Scream she chose to give. For our Founder, it was significant for her to take part in the creation of this video on the specific date of July 14th. This date marked the one year anniversary of her incident. She told us that she wanted to make that one year mark her very own last scream .
  • RIA
    Aug 9, 2017

    What does it mean to be Resilient? What does it take? Are we born with it? Do we acquire it? What do YOU think it means to be Resilient? #JoinTheConversation